ADIDAS - Adicolor - Adicolor HI - G2 - Peter Saville
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Peter Saville is perhaps best known for his work on album covers for Joy division, New Order and other musicians signed to his label Factory Records that he co-founded. Since then he has worked for Givenchy and Stella McCartney and institutions such as Whitechapel Art Gallery, The Pompidou Centre and The French Ministry of Culture. In March 2004, Saville was appointed Creative Director for the City of Manchester and he continues to direct the visual identity of the city today. The adicolor concept refers to a blank canvas, as the shoe is a blank canvas, and that's exactly what I asked them to do: can you give me the shoe as a blank canvas? And they said, 'Well, it's white already.' And I said, Yeah, I know it's white but can we take away the stripes? Can we take away the surface detailing, can we take away the adidas? Can we really make a shoe that is *really* like a blank canvas?' And, I really wanted to do something that I myself would wear and the only kind of sports shoe I would wear is a good quality white sports shoe, which was relatively anonymous. So I said, Can we find the best leather and the best cotton that you can do a tracksuit out of?' The reason people come to me these days is because of work I did 10, 15, 20 years ago where I actually had a remarkable amount of freedom to express what I felt. There's a little bit of irony these days where people come because of what I did before but they, more often than not, create a situation where you can't express what you believe in. It was quite interesting this time with adidas: the basis of this project was an artist's interpretation of the product and I was surprised that they then did give me the same freedom that I had twenty years ago at Factory Records and adidas respected that and gave me the freedom to express actually what I felt. PETER SAVILLE
  • Adicolor HI
  • G2 - Peter Saville
  • 2006
  • White/Mint
  • G2
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