Contribute As our ambitious slogan says... Every Sneaker! Every Colour! Ever Made! Yeah we know it's a crazy thing to say, but this museum had to be big and had to be done right.

Over the years, many peeps have probably had the same great idea to build a massive database of sneakers. Maybe they even got down to it, but at some point, reality kicked in when they realised what we now know all too well - it's one hell of a grind! Putting thousands and thousands of shoes into the system has been a marathon of scanning and data entry, not to mention establishing a complex category management, but we are still here. As it evolves, we are committed to adding new features and more shoes, but right now...

We need your help.

If you have old sneaker catalogues or a decent collection of images and shoes, hit us up. We are particularly interested in vintage kicks, obsolete models, weird brands, rare joints and anything that deserves a place in the World's Greatest Sneaker Museum. Modest rewards will be offered....

Keep your laces loose and enjoy the view!